Reporting Date: Jul 13, 2024

Recent Investor Updates

OSL Partners Led 88% of Trading in Hong Kong’s Spot Digital Asset ETFs

The OSL Group June investor update can be viewed here.

Company Description

OSL Group (formerly BC Technology Group) is at the forefront of the digital asset industry, striving for excellence in providing innovative solutions for institutions, professional, and retail investors. As a leading player in the digital asset space, OSL Group is committed to a long-term strategy.

With a rich history and experience in the sector, OSL Group is backed by a track record of regulatory compliance and excellence. OSL offer a comprehensive suite of services, including brokerage, custody, exchange, and SaaS, setting the standard for the digital asset industry.

Proudly the world’s first insured and SFC-licensed digital asset platform, OSL Group places paramount importance on regulatory compliance and security, upholding the highest industry standards. Our platform is designed to cater to institutional client, professional & retail investors, providing a user-friendly interface that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology.

At OSL Group, we envision the future of finance in digital assets and are dedicated to guiding our clients through this dynamic landscape. Our team of experts brings together extensive experience in traditional finance, technology, and digital assets, ensuring that our clients receive top-tier support and guidance.